Товарищ Медведь
Плюшевый мишутка шел войною прямо на Берлин...(с)Г.О.
I deem we`re forgetting Em
The world that we loved, F#
The world that we left Am
When we`d got better shafts. Em
That used to be black Em

Now is used to paint white G(III)

The nature strikes back Hm

`Cause it is in its rights. Em
[Em passage]

Rage of thundering sky Em
And the roaring storm F#
Cries that soon we will die Am
Just like pitiful worms. Em
For each poor thing, Em
For each pestered beast

We get triple wring Hm
And our child deceased Em.

I dreamt I was walking
Around the world
Weeping and bleeding,
But dropping no word
My tears washed the cities
Away from my sight.
I thought, ‘what a pity!’
I was in my rights.
[Em passage]

Now it seems to me clear
Things that have to come down
Hadn`t been our steers,
Hadn`t been our crowns.
We are trapped in a snare
That we`ve built by ourselves.
We gave birth to nightmare
And nobody else.
[Em passage]

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